AzoocarI’m not sure what to say about this one…inevitably I just end up smiling or laughing when I try to explain the design.  My husband is a guy who loves puns, and he has a passing interest in French and Spanish words, mostly to play around with how they sound when spoken with passion in funny voices, which he does in English too.  He’s a funny guy!

Personally, I have a pretty serious interest in Spanish as a respectable language that I’ve spent years learning in order to equal the playing field in the USA and tip the scales of justice towards immigrant rights.  I’d always wanted to design cards in Spanish, because we need a diversity of languages on our greeting cards in this country.  But I didn’t have any ideas, and was terrified of offending a native Spanish speaker.  Ryan saved the day with another pun, and here we have this card, which you can send to your loved one to tell them they’re as sweet as sugar – that’s azucar, in Spanish! (I don’t know how to type accents over letters in WordPress…it goes over the “u”)

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