Baby Raccoon

Waffles the Raccoon has a very cute baby!

Pancake the baby raccoon!

There’s one baby raccoon in particular who likes to explore.  She, or he, is quite an attractive, curious animal, with fluffier fur, a perfectly poofy ring tail, and very black fur around the eyes.  We’ve decided to name him, or her, Pancake!

Pancake enjoys visiting our backyard every morning and evening, often coming alone.  Pancake will roll around on the deck near the cat food, licking its little raccoon paws.  One day, I was standing outside our front door and Pancake was en route to the woods following the raccoon parade of mom and four siblings.  All the other raccoons fled as soon as they heard me, but Pancake froze in place, curious.  Sniffing the air, Pancake posed for this picture.  Raccoons are incredibly intelligent and I wonder what Pancake thinks of me.  It’s a moment I’ll never forget!

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