Birdfeeders 101

Check out some Chickadees!

“Feed the birds and what do you get? FAT BIRDS!” Dick Van Dyke said in Mary Poppins.  But of course, we get a lot more than fat birds from establishing native wildlife habitat and putting out a supplemental bird feeder or two.  This week’s Making Ripples column in the Free Weekly is about birdfeeders and, specifically, facts about Chickadees, one of my favorite birds.  Here’s some more information about birds and birdfeeders:

Types of Birdfeeders (from the National Birdfeeding Society)

How-to Guide for Natural Birdfeeders (orange peel hanging basket!)

Arkansas Game & Fish Commission PDF Guide to Backyard Birds

AGFC Ruby-Throated Hummingbird PDF Guide

Chickadees At Night (a humorous children’s book) by Bill O. Smith, available at Nightbird Books

How do chickadees survive the winter?

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