About Ripples’ Cookies

To learn how Ripples’ Cookies got started, read this post.

Donations to Charities / NGOs

Track Cookie Sales!

10% of all cookie sales will go to awesome, well-renowned organizations working to protect the environment and promote social justice.  You can see which organization is currently being helped by tracking our profits in the chart at right, updated weekly.  The rest of the profit will go towards alternative energy, natural building, and habitat protection through our personal project you can learn more about on this blog.

Local, Organic Ingredients

I buy all my ingredients from Ozark Natural Foods and local farmers.  This means that Ripples’ Cookies contain only the freshest eggs and organic, chemical-free ingredients whenever possible, including Fair Trade & Organic Vanilla Extract.

Recycled Card Materials & Cookie Containers

All card materials are made of sustainable banana paper from Costa Rica.  I use a combination of stamps, colored pencils, and other media to create lots of different designs.  The options are limitless!

Ripples’ Cookies are allergic to disposable plastic, and insist on only the finest recycled bags & tins in the journey to your tummy.  Instead of filling a landfill, my cookies will inspire the creative re-use of everyday containers.  But it doesn’t mean they won’t be decorative ones!  You might get a pretty Christmas tin or a brown paper package tied up with twine just like the good ole days.

Product Options

Ripples' Sugar Cookies

Ripples’ Cookies & Cards come in the following options (some of which are able to be personalized):


  1. 6 large (4 inch) sugar cookies
  2. a dozen or more (2-3 inch) sugar cookies
  3. a dozen or more seasonally available cookies
  1. Add a card to your cookie order (reduced price)
  2. Purchase seasonal cards separately or in packs

Personalized Touch

Ripples’ Sugar Cookies come in a variety of shapes and colors of your choice, with a decorative “rippled” frosting design symbolic of the positive ripples we hope these cookies will make in the world. Cards can be personalized to match your cookie theme or occasion (based on available designs), and come at a reduced price if ordered along with cookies.  I also love getting into the season, and can personalize your order even further by using a recycled trick-or-treat bag, Christmas stocking, or Easter basket to hold your cookies.

Votes for Cookie Pricing


Those in my network were asked to select the price (see pie chart at left); it’s worth noting that a cookie bouquet (7 cookies) in St. Louis can cost between $50 – $90.00!  That’s not even organic. I want my cookies to be artsy, organic, and affordable.  That’s why I compiled the results of the price votes and decided on these prices:

6 (3 to 4-inch) Sugar Cookies: $10.00

Dozen (2 to 3-inch) Sugar Cookies: $12.00

Dozen Seasonal Cookies (Pumpkin): $8.00


1 Card (added to cookie order): $2.00

1 Seasonal Card (by itself): $3.00

5 Seasonal Cards (package): $14.00

Bartering, TimeBanking, and alternative payment options will be accepted.

Pumpkin Cookies with Chocolate Chips!

Order Ripples’ Cookies & Cards!

Please fill in this form to order your cookies.  If you would like to place an order by phone or email, contact Amanda Bancroft at or 931-532-0639 to place your order.  Cash or Check only, please!


I’m a first-time cookie bakin’ girl, with trusted recipes from mom and grandma, so while I can guarantee tastiness, I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to do so quickly.   I need at least 3 days’ notice. Every order receives a time stamp when you hit submit, and will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis.  At this time, only local orders are possible.

Thank you for helping us make some ripples in the world!

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