Cooking Camp Part Two

Gathering motivation to learn new skills.


Ryan tries his hand (without cutting it off) at chopping a kabocha squash for the first time after watching a how-to video online.

It’s “Cooking Camp Day Two”, and I do have progress to report!  It’s still tough to get going on breaking bad habits and developing new ones, but the motivation is slowly building.  I’m getting excited to peer into books on cooking, learn about the history of spices, and attempt to chop a kabocha squash.  (shown in picture) Yes, I cut it! Ryan got the hardest parts cut in half, and I learned how to saw my way through the other parts.  It was quite an empowering experience, but I’m not making a nightly habit out of cutting kabocha, that’s for sure.  If you feel up to the challenge, see the recipe for this unique and nourishing soup.  We would’ve used a lot less apple, and fresh rosemary, if we’d have tried it before.

To-Do List for My Cooking Camp:

  1. Feel empowered in the kitchen
  2. Be OK with making mistakes, wasting food, or ruining dishes beyond edibility
  3. Recognize  my sensory sensitivities in the kitchen and find coping strategies (such as earplugs)
  4. Learn how to create delicious, healthy and attractive bento box lunches
  5. Experience chopping at least a dozen different kinds of vegetables or fruits
  6. Make quinoa and rice without burning either
  7. Create better organization, such as online forms for filling in bento lunches
  8. Develop positive feelings about cooking as an art, exercise, and family time (not work)
  9. Think of more diverse meal options

    Success! We’re both able to cut the squash after much effort.

  10. Get better at cooking on a stove (stop using the microwave so much!)
  11. Cook “from market to meal” (the process of shopping at the Farmer’s Market and then immediately cooking lunch fresh)
  12. Gain a “whole day, whole foods” mentality (use fresh whole foods all day long)
  13. Learn how to grow kitchen herbs in a windowsill
  14. Explore more on
  15. List all the successes I’ve had cooking in the past! Celebrate each new success.

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I wish I could be there to help and share the experience! ; )

Amanda Bancroft

The more the merrier! We’re working on integrating more socially interactive features for Ripples, including video and forums perhaps – we have some ideas but nothing concrete yet. Right now, there’s a global community that contacts us directly, mostly through email, which is great, but we’re hoping that someday everyone will get to share these experiences and interact with each other if they like. Dreams 🙂

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