Cupcake Surprise

Puddle_Birthday_SurpriseCupcake Surprise actually came about through attempts at imagining the myriad of cute activities an American Pika could do.  We had a series depicting Puddle the pika, our seldom-used first mascot, in a variety of movie-related images: Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Frozen.  However, since few people know what a pika is, the series wasn’t all that popular.  Most people thought my drawings were tail-less mice, and this cupcake design is no different – eventually I gave up and started saying “the mouse in the cupcake” to refer to this greeting card.  Some people don’t even see the mouse in it.  Once I had a person giving me birthday card design tips, and, referring to this one, suggested I try something more unique since a cupcake wasn’t that unusual.  “Unique?  You mean besides the mouse in the frosting?” I asked.

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