Dare to Repair: A Do-It-Herself Guide to Home Improvement

This is for women who need to know how to fix basic problems that could happen at home.

It recently occurred to me, while browsing the library stacks for the usual mindless entertainment I enjoy, that I have absolutely no knowledge about simple home repairs.  This PBS home video jumped out at me as a solution to wanting to build a sustainable house with a lack of skills in plumbing, electrical wiring, etc.  Dare to Repair was a great introductory video in how to fix minor problems in your standard house or apartment, and much of what I learned can be applied to our off-grid earthbag house someday.

51Us-i3da+L._SL500_AA300_The video is pretty basic, and doesn’t say much about actually installing the plumbing or wiring.   However, since I didn’t know what the basic tools were, or how to prevent pipes from freezing, this was perfect for my skill level.  It’s certainly not “eco-friendly” advice in any way – the target audience is military wives whose husbands are deployed often and whose “honey-do” lists remain undone for months while the basement floods, the window sticks, the garbage disposal stops working, the drain is clogged, etc.  All these topics were briefly covered in this one-hour lesson.

Personally, it was a good introduction to the need for me (and other women in particular) to learn these skills, rather than a full primer on the subject. It was more motivational than practical, since we’ll be using a composting toilet rather than a flush toilet.  But I still recommend it for women like myself who want to live in the country or just be self-sufficient; we need these skills ladies!  Plus, it really is cool to know this stuff. Who knew I could tell how efficient my refrigerator gaskets are, using just a dollar bill? Check it out, maybe you’ll enjoy learning something new to help you around the house!

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