Eating Food I Grew Accidentally

Farming by accident was more effective than farming on purpose.

Yes, it’s true: I do not have a green thumb, only a green heart.  I LOVE plants! But maybe they do not love me, because the blueberry bush, strawberries, basil, peas, and bell peppers I tended this year did not produce food (but the strawberries are great at producing leaves – there is a terrific strawberry leaf farm in my window).  Most of my plants died, except a wonderfully happy lavender bush in my bedroom, and the strawberry leaf farm.

Twilight Peppers

The grand total of produce I was able to grow this year includes one “almost” blueberry the size of half a fingernail, 2 not-so-edible reddish brown green peppers, several almost-pea-pods that shriveled up, and lots of little Twilight peppers I’m still not sure if I can eat or how to do so (see picture at left).

However, yesterday was a proud day!

For somehow, in the strawberry hanging basket, a green bell pepper planted itself and grew without much tending from me (I thought of it as a mystery plant until the pepper began growing).  It turned into a nice-sized delicious pepper which I harvested for my pad thai noodles at lunch yesterday.  It was amazing eating something that I (accidentally) grew that tasted and looked normal!  Here’s a photo journey from window to fork:

The Accidental Pepper

“Chikin” Pad Thai Recipe:

Simmer “Quorn Chikin Tenders” in oil and red pepper flakes (season to taste) with some chopped bell pepper, fresh ginger, and peas added later.  Boil a handful of spaghetti noodles. While the noodles drain, quickly pour teriyaki sauce (or any Asian sauce you prefer) into the bottom of the spaghetti pot and add a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter. Add the chikin and veggies, then the noodles. Stir and serve!

Chikin Pad Thai with bell pepper!

Chopping never felt so good.

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I think strawberries aren’t supposed to fruit until the second year — that’s what my parents told me and they have some very happy strawberry leaf plants right now. You’re doing it right!


Thanks Ruby! Yes I hope so too. They have lovely leaves, and berries next year will be quite tasty. 🙂



Shelley Buonaiuto

Next spring you can get a load of compost from the city and the garden should do better. It takes blueberries a while to produce. Ours were finally producing but then the creek flooded and they drowned. And the summer this year was so hot, that the garden was suffering in August…but when it cooled it revived. We have a hoop house and have terrific greens now. Planted at the end of August and first of September.


Thanks Shelley! I’ll be sure to do that once we have a real garden in the ground. For now it’s yogurt and coffee containers with some soil-filled purses in the windows. Hoop houses are cool! How are the greens doing during this freeze we’re having now?

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