Except for a Mouse

Christmas Card 2013It was my first holiday season as an artist who made greeting cards, and I had no clue what I was doing.  I didn’t know how to scan an image at the library, or where I should get the card printed in such a way as to make it look professional.  I used a local printing chain that didn’t exactly produce the desired cards, but didn’t look too shabby either.  Ryan & I folded them ourselves and didn’t sell any – this was strictly for family and friends as a Christmas gift.  Later on, we printed the design in a very small quantity with Moo.com, and sold out.

The design came from a love of our couch, our pets, and each other.  We spend much of our time snuggled up together on this couch, whether we’re watching a movie, reading books, or enjoying each other’s company.  The black cat’s name is Solo, because he was the only kitten left at the animal shelter when I adopted him in 2005.  The mouse’s name is Millie, after Amelia Earhardt, because she has an adventurous spirit and I don’t doubt she would steal a cookie from santa if given the chance!

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