Firefly Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights edited final card for MooThis was a goofy card that has probably generated the most hilarious feedback of any of my designs.  People have really engaged with the story going on here, and used their imaginations to see things that aren’t there.  Some say they love the bumble bee.  Others point out it’s overwhelming rodent-ness (mice get a lot of love and a lot of hate).  Some people stare closely and finally discover, with joy, the fireflies.  Or they tell me to make the background bright lime green, as in Grinch-colored.  Very, very few people know what the heck the mice are doing…a huge failing on my part as an artist creating a composition.  But maybe a success in exercising our imaginations.

Here’s what is really going on: there is no bumble bee.  Bee butts do not glow.  Fireflies do, though.  The mice are decorating their small tree with appropriate-sized lights made of fireflies who have been gently wrapped in colorful tissue paper strips cut out by the mouse in the foreground.  The darker mouse on the left is hypnotized by the fireflies glowing on the tree, and the two young mice at right are enjoying the tree in their own way (one napping, one admiring it).  After being wrapped in tissue paper, each firefly alights on a tree branch and turns its light on and off, as fireflies are known to do.  The original twinkle-light Christmas tree!

Facebook post upon this card’s release: Dedicated to Millie Mouse

“I LOVE making these cards…just designed one with a family of mice, and it’s so nourishing and healing. Millie’s days with us are numbered, so this one is dedicated to her. Trying to capture her cute, healthful year of life with these images. I think if a mouse could have a Christmas tree, this would be her tree…but then she would actually eat the ornaments, since these ones are insects. But we won’t think about that. Unless it’s like a wildlife tree for rodents, in which snacks are hung on the boughs. Crunchy rolly-polly bugs with millet garland. She’d love that!”

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