Ripples Greeting Cards

Amanda draws these by hand. 5×7 size, Blank Inside. Carbon neutral printing on Forest Stewardship Council certified card stock. 100% of profits from card sales pay for conservation projects at the Historic Johnson Farm. Sold at Pearl’s Books or Ozark Natural Foods Co-op in Fayetteville, and Terra Studios Gallery.

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Amanda draws “Tea with Peter Rabbit”

Our Story

As a child, my family moved to different states. The people I loved were so far away, and greeting cards helped to bridge that distance. I wanted to contribute to human connections through affordable art, and also to offset costs of our Ripples nature conservation projects. I founded Ripples Greeting Cards in 2014 with the card “Tea with Peter Rabbit,” which has hopped all over the place, including sailing with the US Coast Guard, and on fireplace mantels, businesses, and bookshelves around the country. Each design is drawn in about 50-100 hours, mostly on double-sided film with pan pastels, colored pencils and ceramic knife. On the backsides of cards, I write a poem and/or dedication to honor an ancestor or inspirational person.

Big box store cards are often made using methods that pollute the planet and harm laborers in order to give you the cheapest prices. That’s why Ripples Greeting Cards are sustainably and ethically made in the USA by a carbon-neutral employee-owned print company, SmartPress.

My craft is my little contribution, in gratitude for the work of greeting card artists and writers before me who made my life a little brighter.
-Amanda, Artist & Writer

Available Ripples Greeting Card Designs: