Historic Springhouse Gets Cleared of Brush

Springhouse steps cleared of leave litter and brush.

The Springhouse at the Historic Johnson Farm

Ryan with the tools of our trade, including a great attitude!

May 9, 2018 – This special spring house was overwhelmed by bush honeysuckle, thorny plants and downed trees. It’s a magical place loved by bull frogs and maybe fairies, too. Really it’s enchanting! Moss-covered rocks, a trickling spring-fed creek, artwork-worthy tree trunks and hollows where chipmunks hide…this is the sort of place I’d look for leprechauns if I was ever trying to catch one.

With the help of Matt, Ryan and I have cleared most of the brush and honeysuckle away from the path and structure. This is a work in progress, so we’ll do another post whenever we finish – which might be in 2019, since this is just a fun project and not a priority for us right now as we prepare to move into our off-grid tiny house being delivered to the farm this summer.

Spring-fed stream flowing away from springhouse.

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