How to Avoid Disposable Containers

Sometimes it’s an adventure!

The latest issue of The Free Weekly – Making Ripples is out today, and I decided to share some personal stories about getting around disposables. I’m not a saint, and occasionally forget my Chococat mug or lose my nerve for deploying one of these tactics, and end up with a take-out container or disposable cup. But more often than not, I avoid buying coffee and make tea from home, or get a washable mug from the barista, which is what my Dad & I did Tuesday at Nightbird Books when he visited Fayetteville for the first time.  We sat outside the shop and enjoyed lovely, unseasonable December weather on Dickson St.

What foxy strategies do YOU use to avoid being given disposable products? I wonder if anyone’s said they have a styrofoam allergy or that they musn’t accept the plastic container because their dog is addicted to eating it…what do you do? Share in the comments below!

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