Hummingbirds are Here!

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are now feeding in Ripples’ garden!

In flight.

While I attempt to generate some photographic evidence of this, I couldn’t wait to tell you that we now have beautiful, zippy hummingbirds thanks to the HummZinger High View feeder!  Every morning, I go out to my garden rock under a small tree in which the feeder hangs, and soak up the sound of the male’s chirps and buzzing wings.  Our cilantro is abundant, the basil doing well, and the tomato plant is shooting up tall, with little yellow flowers emerging. But the best part is the hummingbirds, flitting from the honeysuckle on the wall behind the garden and my feeder.

Mornings just got a whole lot better for me 🙂

Update: Fresh pictures of our Ruby-throated male!

Ruby-throated male at the feeder!

Somehow, taking photos of an incredibly tiny, lightning-quick bird is not easy, LOL. I’ll continue trying to get better pics of hummingbirds, but for now, enjoy these two photos of our visitor.  My day is incomplete if I don’t see him at least once, which is easy to do since hummingbirds need to feed very frequently.  Stay tuned for another post on hummingbirds, with more details about their behaviors and which plants they prefer.

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