Introducing Cream Cheese Frosting!

Ripples’ Sugar Cookies are now made with a smooth cream cheese frosting!

For Christmas this year I decided to change the frosting recipe from one that was harder and conducive to artwork, to one that tasted good and contained less artificial coloring (or none!).  Using all organic cream cheese and butter added to these 100% organic sugar cookies was a tasty idea.  They’re softer, creamier and keep well in the refrigerator.

I’m happy to customize cookie orders (as you can see, there is variety) and leave out the food coloring or sugar coating. Also, I can use a sugar replacement of your choice to substitute for sugar – just ask me if it’s possible and we’ll work together.  Valentine’s Day is coming up and I can easily do pink hearts!

Christmas cookies!

Cream Cheese Frosting 🙂

The green tree was my favorite

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