Making Ripples: New Fayetteville Free Weekly Column

Check out Sustainability Tips from Ripples in the Free Weekly!

Part of our mission is to share with others what we’re currently learning about sustainable living.  So I was super excited when I had the opportunity to begin a new column with the Fayetteville Free Weekly, and provide tips, resources and anecdotal experience on topics like living without a car, earthbag building, cooking organic meals, growing vegetables, and more.  It’s a great chance to hopefully reach more people with the information you find on Ripples, and maybe we can inspire them to take small steps in their own lives.  Even a tiny change makes a big difference when everyone does it, like recycling. 

Our next really big “stretch” goal is to become a zero-trash household, but this will take years because of all the projects we have going on.  It will be a gradual change I’m looking forward to.  Meanwhile, you can check out the current issue of The Free Weekly (if you want to read the new column, Making Ripples, you’ll have to pick up a paper copy of it around town such as at the library, because they haven’t posted the column on their website yet).  This week’s issue is very interesting and enlightened me on several topics from making artists’ canvas by hand to the debate on legalizing marijuana.  My horoscope looked good, too 🙂

Next Week’s Ripples

Come back next week to read about lots of animals and something sweet:

  1. See a close-up of our baby raccoon!
  2. Learn all about ringworm and how to handle it.
  3. Get a glimpse of raising goats.
  4. See our pudgy groundhog and learn the difference between gophers and groundhogs.
  5. View an infographic about sugar consumption in the US and some natural, fair trade alternatives.


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