Making Ripples: Series on Earthbag Building Specifics

You asked, we answered!

From, click photo to visit their tutorial on building the foundation!

From, click photo to visit their tutorial on building the foundation!

Here are the past three weeks of Making Ripples columns from The Free Weekly, focused around getting an earthbag building started.  We have had several families locally, and one family in California, approach us about earthbag and sustainable construction with the hopes of building their own family home next year.

Welcome to Ripples!  We’re glad you’re here and invite you to share inspiration from what you’re doing today and what you plan on doing in the future to make a difference.  If you have questions about sustainability or what we’re doing, feel free to ask and I will try my best to answer 😉

  1. Earthbag Building Worldwide
  2. Earthbag Building: Foundations
  3. Earthbag Building in Humid Climates

Coming up next: having fun with the first several deliveries of empty bags!

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Love the earthbag homes. Mortgage FREE. You won’t have to work a lifetime just to have a roof over your head. Now, THAT’S smart. That’s the way America should be thought of. Not a servant to the banks.

Amanda Bancroft

Thanks Carroll! It will be nice to not pay continuous rent or have a mortgage. I think what I like best, though, is our space will be a “public” resource (as an educational center and office) that will be carried on by someone else after we’re gone. No private property concept, just space protected for generations in order to make a difference. So excited!

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