My Old Art Studio

Amanda PenPho Photo DrawingsHere’s a peek at what my old art studio looked like…well, almost.  In this picture, you can see I had some visitors that day.  For a photography class assignment, I tried to create this piece in the style of “penpho” – pencil combined with photography, or drawings merged with pictures.  The most popular use of photography and hand-drawn animation might be Disney’s Mary Poppins, I’m not 100% sure.  But this is just my first really trying attempt to merge the two mediums.

Previously for Ripples’ website banner, I had done a somewhat horrible-looking watercolor background with a few very cute Disney characters (just some of the North American species like birds, squirrels, and Bambi which I later learned was not even a white-tailed deer in the original literature!) pasted on top of the scene.  Then I added a literally cut out photo of Ryan and another one of myself to the background using scissors and tape.

In contrast, this photograph is the first time I had used Photoshop to edit together drawings and a photograph.  (You can tell I don’t have much experience with digital editing!)  Right now I’m using an open source program called Gimp to edit my greeting cards, but only in the roughest sense (making sure the background looks white and not grey, for example) so I still have a lot to learn about how to produce art through digital editing.  For now I prefer to take pictures of reality, and draw on paper, keeping the mediums separate.

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