Our First Clothesline

Now we have a clothesline to dry our laundry outside!

Previously on Ripples, we celebrated Clothesline Time! and began considering what type of clothesline we should get.  Finally succumbing to the demands and stresses of daily life, we just got a rope and some clothespins and I strung this line over the deck.  I do wish my clothesline were as cool and moveable as the one in Aladdin, when they string clothes high above the ground between buildings and make use of vertical space in an incredibly innovative way (or at least I think it’s innovative to see the area above a street as the perfect laundry-drying spot!) But maybe our clothesline can grow with us and become more awesome with time 🙂

Our first clothesline over the deck. See the cicada shell on the wooden post at right?

The line droops a lot, but it’s close to our front door and convenient, a place away from tall chigger grass.

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Debbie Hackney

When I was a little girl, this is the only way Nanny dried our clothes. We used a wooden pole with a notch cut out at the top of it to make a v. Then she would hook that to the middle of the clothes line so it would not droop. They clothes were high enough as to not touch the ground. And the rope was pulled tight enough that we could reach to take the clothes down when dried. Of course we had to remove the wooden pole to loosen the line to reach the line. We had our… Read more »


It’s nice that we’re going back to the energy-saving time of our grandparents! Thanks for sharing!

Debbie Hackney

Oh, and there was a certain way to hang them so we did not have the clothes pin dried mark on the clothes.

Debbie Hackney

Then there was a rule at home that if something needed pressed after drying, you had to have enough clothes to iron for at least 1/2 hour or more to save on the electric. We would yell out if we pressed anything that the iron was hot for anyone who needed it!


I have a retractable 5 line clothes line. I love hanging everything out, but especially bedding. There’s nothing better than fresh, snapped by the breeze bedding. It almost appears to be ironed!

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