Pea Planting Day!

Yesterday I planted some peas in a pot to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Sprouting Pea

I read about how to use wet paper towel and an air-tight container to sprout peas before planting, but had no idea they would sprout so much so soon!  Just 3 days and already they had emerging first leaves, and a long white root with tiny hairs that looked fuzzy.  It’s indescribable, just fascinating.  The ten little sprouts I planted today were so delicate and carried a promise of our favorite veggie, peas, in the spring to come.  It’s like I’m a mom now, feeling so affectionate towards these little green circles…

I was so excited and eager to get them into their newly prepared clay pot that I didn’t take photos (and anyway my hands were covered in mud) but it occurred to me today that I honestly need to be taking more photos, and of higher quality, so I can stop using images from elsewhere.  I dislike using others’ photos because I’m afraid of any hostility towards me for it, but I’m eager for everyone to take and use my own photos from Ripples as often as possible.  So, hopefully, Ripples will be using only its own content from today on, after this nifty shot from a really cool blog called “Veg Plotting” that even has a rainbow at the top!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone, hope you enjoyed your lucky day!

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Debbie Hackney

Good for you honey! Love you!


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