Podcast: Why I Started Doing Ripples Work

This is an impromptu podcast attempt, just for fun and to learn about voice recording. Hear Amanda explain why she started doing Ripples work in this 5-minute segment, the first time we’ve ever recorded anything like a “thesis statement” on Ripples. A few readers asked us about doing podcasts or a radio show, so this is partly in response to that. (Apologies, we don’t know how to edit out long pauses and Solo, our cat, added his own “playing with a paper bag” soundtrack in the final seconds!)


Amanda“Recording this was REALLY hard for me because I am so shy, even though I’m friendly, it’s hard for me to get a message across in spoken word (writing is much easier). But it was important for me to not only overcome that challenge but to speak – from my soul – to our audience about why I do this work.” -Amanda

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