Pumpkin Bunny

pumpkin-bunnyIt was an adventure setting out to use Copic markers to create more realistic pumpkins for this card. My previous attempt at a pumpkin (Pumpkin Apartments, in which animals occupy “rooms” inside a pumpkin for rent) looked cartoony and funny, but wasn’t a piece that expressed my voice as an artist. I think Pumpkin Bunny does a better job remaining humorous with whimsical realism. You might recognize this character from a previous card, Thanks for the Lift. I was fond of the little cartoon bunny who wanted to fly with balloons, and so I decided to give him new life in a more realistic style. The leaves were challenging but enjoyable to draw and layer with colored pencils. Overall, I’m satisfied with how this card turned out, and am also happy to see there is room for improvement – there are bound to be more bunnies and pumpkins in my future artwork! I need the practice.

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