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Here you can find books, websites, videos, articles, tutorials and more on a variety of topics.

We offer three categories of resources:

  1. Resources for individuals wanting to live a sustainable lifestyle and make a difference in a variety of good causes.
  2. Resources for individuals and non-profit organizations that want to become more effective at making a difference.
  3. Resource collections from outside organizations doing amazing things!

Resources on Living Sustainably & Making a Difference

Ripples Resources Wiki


Ripples Resources (In Development)

UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  We are currently working to compile resources on living a sustainable lifestyle. Topics include gardening, rainwater harvesting, alternative energy & transportation, disaster preparedness, starting or living in an eco village, native wildlife habitat conservation, building an eco-friendly home, bartering, bicycling, and much more.  This space will also include all the resources we’re using to run Ripples itself, including our milestones, goals, budget, partnerships, membership process, and information on what principles guide our work at Ripples. Our goal is to be completely transparent so you can easily copy everything from our rain barrel to our membership network and recreate it for your family or community!



Craft My Holidays Wiki

Visit Craft My Holidays!

Visit Craft My Holidays!

This is a fun, freestyle resource on celebrating holidays harmlessly. People who care about making a difference on a variety of important issues will eventually need a holiday, too, and we often get burnt out! But when it comes time to celebrate and relax, how do you know you aren’t making problems worse with your gifts and decorations? Craft My Holidays seeks to explore and record ways to enjoy holidays harmlessly, and find ways to contribute positive things to the world with our celebrations!

Resources for Individuals & Non-Profit Organizations Wanting to Make a Bigger Difference

Visit Ripples Capacity Building Wiki!

Visit Ripples Capacity Building Wiki!

Ripples also offers an ever-growing Directory for Non-Profit Organizations we’ve come across or worked with, and resources for individuals and non-profit organizations who want to expand their capacity to save lives or do good work in the world, increasing their impact. Topics include free tech tools for non-profits, networking, publicity, fundraising, capacity building, mission statements, and more.  This Wiki was developed during our first online class benefiting youth leaders around the world who helped their organizations become more efficient.  We used this Wiki as the curriculum for the course, and now we’re happy to share it with you!  Future courses on non-profit capacity building are in the planning stages and will be offered soon.  Meanwhile, check out our Services for Non-Profit Organizations and Individuals, and please visit our Ripples Capacity Building Wiki.

Resource Collections

Visit Grand Aspirations!

Visit Grand Aspirations!

Solutionary Knowledge Bank

Drop into Grand Aspiration’s Solutionary Knowledge Bank, full of helpful resources on community organizing, team building, entrepreneurship and growing the green economy through Summer of Solutions programs!