Ripples’ Cookies at Fayetteville Public Library!

This teen cookie exchange was such an awesome, fun event!

Many thanks to the library, and to Shay Brooks for her hard work and excellent decorating skills! Check out these photos of the event. It was my first cookie exchange, well unless you count kindergarten in Pennsylvania, and despite being sick I did have a great time.

Ripples' Cookies with event sign

Table of cookies

Ripples' Cookies presentation

Lots of people!

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Debbie Hackney

Wonderful! Looks like it went well. Do you remember baking chocolate chip cookies for your paper route? You put one in a separate baggy, stapled them to your papers which were also in plastic bags, and delivered them to your customers with a short note from you. This was done on special occasions. Your customers loved it and it paid off for you with big tips!


Yeah I guess I always loved giving people cookies, even in middle school. Luckily my cookies taste better now 🙂


How very cool! Looks like everybody was having fun. Good job.

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