Ripples Greeting Cards Now Available!

Update: Ripples’ Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other greeting cards are now available locally at Ozark Natural Foods, Himalayan Mountain Shop, and the Curious Book Shoppe on Block St. They’re $4/card unless you buy directly from Amanda, $3/card or a pack of variety or single design (your choice) $13/5 cards.

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To raise money for Ripples, we are now selling greeting cards!  There are many ways to purchase a card or a pack of cards.  You could buy them directly from Amanda through our Facebook page, or by calling us at (931) 532-0639 or through email: AmandaBancroft (at) Gmail (dot) com.  Or you can buy them locally at various locations to be announced. View the designs you’d like, select your order, and arrange a delivery or meeting place to receive your cards and pay with cash or check.  She can meet you in downtown Fayetteville, the library, or the farmer’s market and other locations.  Amanda can also mail them to you if you’re not in Fayetteville (packs of cards only, please).

Price is $4 / card or $3 / card in a pack of 5 cards (variety packs are totally do-able, with multiple designs per pack!) Shipping is $5 within the contiguous 48 states.






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Ann Greenwood

I bought the Welcome to the universe card for my twin great nephews born aug 24. Could not find snother xard for twins or one I liked so well!

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