Ripples’ New Home Office

We finally finished setting up the office where Ripples get Written!

Ripples’ new desk space

After the move, life was chaos for awhile. Between my health issues and Ryan’s various jobs, we hardly had enough time to think about Ripples and the emerging homestead, as well as the non-profit work we’d been doing.  Now, we have a step in the right direction: a home office, all set up as a study and computer desk.  As long as no other crisis happens in the next few weeks, I’ll be getting back into working from home on a regular basis.  And you know what that means – allergen-free cookies! And new sustainability stuff! And more help for non-profit organizations!  I’m really, really excited. I’m crossing my fingers that the rest of this year will be spent pondering how to make the world a better place, rather than pondering how to survive in the world. 🙂

This new space is a LOT more intentional than the old desk setup we had, which was right next to attractive large windows where people would constantly walk by.  We didn’t have much of a focus on the use of the space, either, and it was frequently our movie-watching and entertainment room.  Not very effective.  This time, we built a constructive study that’s both relaxing but productive, using my track phone as a sort of PDA that tells me when I need to take my supplements, when the hummingbird feeder needs changed, when a Ripples post is due, etc.

It isn’t perfect – I just smashed a brown recluse a few hours ago that was trying to climb inside my backpack, which now has a safe place to hang in the study rather than sitting on the floor – but the room is cozy and full of potential.

Our cozy reading chair, for reading up on all those homesteading strategies!

The only place that needs a whole lot of improvement is the door-less closet, which looks like a garage sale threw up in it and then spewed out into the room a bit.  At least the desk itself is organized, with space to work.  Everything I need for charging the “PDA” or taking pictures for Ripples is within arm’s reach.  Even the cats are nearby for easy petting, in case something breaks or the inevitable homestead hurdle rises its ugly planks across the racetrack at my feet.  The only thing missing now is a built-in snack container…hmmm…let me work on that…

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