Santa’s Helpers

santas-helpersIn development for over one year, “Santa’s Helpers” was so much fun to create while listening to the Nutcracker suite. The original early sketches included mice stealing the cookies and a kitten lapping up the milk, but, many people don’t much care for mice it seems. And I thought having a duo of bunnies “helping” Santa with his snack would be more appealing to a wider audience. These two, named Ginger and Cinnamon, are helping themselves to Santa’s cookies and milk. It probably took me about 10 hours to complete this piece. This was the first time I’d ever drawn a candy cane, chocolate chip cookies, or a glass of milk, so I’m pretty happy with the result. But I decided for reprinting to only use Cinnamon and the plate of cookies, because the background color and glass of milk don’t translate (are not easily legible) on printed paper. I hope this design makes a lot of people smile this holiday season!

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