Sketching a Sustainable Lifestyle

Drawing a dream into reality.

Window to Nature (black & white)

This sketch is done in pencil – just a quick representation of the scenes I want to elaborate on from my imagination.  The window seat is set into an earthbag wall, with salvaged glass firmly meeting the plaster so the home is energy-efficient (I hope).  There is ivy growing around the edge of the window, but honestly I’m not sure this invasive plant is native to Arkansas or not.  Ever since reading Ivy Cottage when I was a child, I’ve known that my house would have ivy growing on at least part of the house, kept in check so as not to destroy the building.  The entire scene is one I hope to live someday during fall 2014, if we’re lucky enough to complete the construction of our earthbag home by Christmas 2013 (we have not begun building and are still looking every once in awhile for the right spot to nurture Ripples’ values).  I can’t wait to cozy up with a good book and know that the very best gift, besides having a safe, free place to live, is what is outside the window: nature.

Window to Nature (color)

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This is beautiful Amanda. It’s a gorgeous and rich vision

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