Spring Baby Chicks!

Check out our newest addition to Ripples!

Thanks to Green Fork Farm, who will be featured in the next post, we now have adopted two baby chicks to raise for two weeks as an educational experience to help us decide if chickens are right for us.  It’s too early to say, but so far I say YES! I want to raise a small number of chickens to provide eggs for Ripples’ cookies and entertainment and companionship on the homestead.  Here is a photo journal of the growth of our chicks over the next two weeks (we received them when they were 1 week old, which is why this journal starts with day 9 of their lives) Enjoy the cuteness and mischief with us!

Day 9: Yin & Yang

Day 10: Let's escape!

(Cinnamon Queen breed) Fluffy, cuddly, quiet and well-behaved.

(Black Sex-Link breed): Crazy.

Mr. Sheep-cheep and the cuddler.

Day 11: Best part of the Easter basket!

"I am cute. Love Me."

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