Swap for a Homestead?

Swap.com is changing our lives.

The Art of Barter

There’s a great book at our library on bartering for almost anything, from a pair of scissors to a new home, even doctor’s appointments or a new roof.  After giving the world of swapping a go, I have a tremendous amount of respect for these people.  It’s not easy! But it’s changing our life here on Ripples.

What did I do this past week?

I spent last week becoming familiar with the way Swap.com works.  It’s very quick to sign up, and all you do is post one picture and a description of each item you “Have”, items you would like to see leave your life. Then post some items you “Want”, items you would like to see enter your life.  If you see an item you want, you just send a quick message to the owner. If they want what you’ve got, they message you.

So far, we listed 35 Haves, 19 Wants, and received or made 41 offers. No trade yet.  This is a patient process reminiscent of turtles, which are cool.  I can’t wait to make my first trade, because I’ve put so many hours into it and want reassurance that something good will come.  Much of the trouble comes from logistical error.

How not to make a trade:

Offerer: I’m interested in those collectible Popeye figurines! Do you like any of my Haves?

Me: Sure! How about that pencil case?

Offerer: That’s an antique worth hundreds! I’m deleting this offer and permanently closing the conversation.

Me: Oh.

Pretty circle badges improve my desire to keep trying:

I really love these badges. They make me feel like something is happening and that I’m being quite productive. 🙂 So why all this effort? Besides the very quirky fun items listed there (you’ll have to see for yourself!) on swap.com is listed many items a homesteader needs, such as salvaged windows for a greenhouse or earthen bowls that aren’t plastic, tables, chairs, chicken coops, etc. Mostly, large trade items like furniture are LOCAL ONLY. Which is problematic when only 8 items are listed for Arkansas!  But not so bad when I think about all the homesteaders I know in Northwest Arkansas…where ya’ll at? Join me on Swap.com so we can trade! I still have an almost new food processor and a unique guitar listed for someone to take home without cash.

Swap Badges

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