Tea with Peter Rabbit

Tea_with_Peter_RabbitI love rabbits and tea.  This was one of my earliest greeting card designs, and it came about because I wanted to draw something I felt comfortable creating – tea cups and rabbits aren’t so intimidating when compared to extensive detailed scenes with people, depth, and multiple objects crowded together.

The idea of a rabbit drinking out of a tea cup is from a British television show that aired in the 1990’s.  It had a mix of live action and cartoons, and was called The World of Beatrix Potter and Friends.  Beatrix Potter (played by Irish actress Niamh Cusack) had a beautiful bunny representing Peter Rabbit, and in one of the live action scenes, it drank out of her teacup when she wasn’t watching!

At first, I was disappointed with the way the card turned out (perfectionist that I am) because of the plain white background and mistakes on the teacup’s saucer.  This was the first time I had ever used Copic Markers in an art piece, and they continue to be a uniquely formidable medium for me.  I also had a migraine headache during the four hours it took me to draw Tea with Peter Rabbit on the printing deadline day, so I didn’t feel like I was giving it my best.  I am somewhat prone to procrastination! But then everyone felt so positive about this card, and it became my best-selling work.  I’m glad I overcame my initial feelings, because the card has made so many people happy.

Here are some early sketches to show my process and the various layers that go into a drawing:

100_6332 100_6333 100_6334






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