The Time Has Come: Eviction Notice

We must vacate our home as soon as possible so they can destroy it.

If you’ve been following our journey on Ripples, then you’ve probably seen this post with a video of what our apartment looks like, to preserve in memory the good life we had here.  We’ve really made it our home while we’ve been in Fayetteville, and it’s the first clean, truly good place we’ve lived in during our 5-year marriage.  I guess that’s why I’m crying my eyes out at the moment and can hardly see the screen…

Moving out is one thing; we expected that to happen sometime in April or May.  But receiving notice in January with the knowledge that our beautiful apartment will not even exist afterwards is more difficult.  Gone will be the trees we decorated, the view of the mountains, the woodpecker holes and the ground hog burrows.  The possum won’t be able to climb its tree, the tufted titmouse will lose its perch, the wildlife won’t have a food or water source here any longer, and the squirrels nesting above our bedroom will be evicted too, hopefully not injured.

What a terrible, awful day.  

But we knew it was coming.  I just didn’t expect to attempt moving right in the middle of teaching an online capacity building course for youth in non-profits worldwide (221 people applied) and so soon after my 26th birthday on March 7th, and in the middle of spring holiday cookie sales (where will I bake your cookie orders now?).

But the sun is shining and the cats are sleeping, with no idea that their little beds on our large bookshelf won’t be around anymore.  I’ve never felt the importance of Buddhist non-attachment stronger than today.  Too bad I’m not unattached to comfortable homes, plants, trees, and animals.  We’re trying to get rid of as much as possible, taking only ourselves, the cats, 2 bikes, a bed, a small couch, a bureau, a hope chest, storage stairs, a hamper, a small bookshelf, and a Tibetan rug.  We weren’t expecting to have to leave this suddenly…

Does anyone have any advice?? Thanks friends.

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Is there any such thing as squatters rights where you live?


I researched this online and I think maybe it doesn’t count for us because of our lease agreement but I’m not certain…

Debbie Hackney

Oh Amanda, dad and I feel your pain. We are so sorry you have to go through this transition. Especially with your jump starting everything with your new blog, and everything you have started with it that has been such a positive start for you and Ryan. We have shared the similar experience when you were first born. We were in a small apartment that gave us an immediate notification to vacate because of no children allowed. So, dad and I found a townhouse that was available. You and Ryan must always share your pains together. Hopefully the place your… Read more »


Just like to did with your apartment, you can lessen your attachment to other things by making a picture/video archive before you let go of them. I would think hard about what to let go of though. You might find yourself having to replace things (at a higher cost?) that are good tools for living.

Do you have a place to go yet?


Yes, we’re moving into a new space near some nice woods and doing a work exchange. Thanks for the tips about a “stuff archive”; good idea!

Shelley Buonaiuto

I’m so sorry, Amanda. Must they evict you in the winter? Do you have a place to go? When do you have to leave? You can stay with us for a few days if you need to. We live about 25 minutes out of town. Do you have a car?


Thanks a bunch Shelley! I’d love to visit you soon. We don’t have a car but thanks anyway for your kind offer!


It’s so soon! And are they really going to start on this in the winter? They’re not collecting any good karma, that’s for sure.


Today we were told that March 12 is not soon enough, actually, and that we should move out sooner, as soon as possible. Ok…alrighty then…

Brad Volz

Yes, very similar situation and feelings. Thanks Amanda.

Amanda Bancroft

I have faith things will get better for you, too, Brad. Warm hugs.

Brad Volz

Thanks Amanda!

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