Tiny House Valentine

Loving our home this Valentine’s Day!

Our bed loft has plenty of shelving for movies, stuffed animals and more, and two windows for cross-ventilation (and Valentine’s Day window clings).

We’ve had a rough relationship with our tiny house during the first 6 months. (See this post for details about various problems and solutions that fixed them.) But the sprinkling of joyful moments we experienced in between layers of crisis were enough to make us love our home, which we call a cabin for its wood-based design. It’s a gorgeous, cozy space that does a perfect job looking great even if it doesn’t always function like a house should. It’s so cute! The layout is great for our lifestyle, and encourages the pursuit of activities we enjoy most: reading, gaming, watching wildlife, having movie nights and eating dinner together indoors or outside. Here’s a Valentine’s Day photo journal of some favorite recent moments made possible by our cherished cabin!

Laundry on the balcony comes with a great view all-year-round! Our cat Solo can sunbathe safely while I hang the clothes up to dry.
The window seat is a favorite hangout space for all 3 of us. Our clothes are stored in excellently hand-crafted drawers below a custom cushion. This doubles as a second bed and movie couch!
The All-American Sun Oven is used on sunny days to cook or bake entirely with the energy from the sun – no electricity or fuel needed! It’s finicky but easy to use, and the results are often delicious: vegan chili, pumpkin chocolate chip cake, vanilla cupcakes, breakfast scramble, crispy samosas…
We built pine wood bookshelves with the help of Ryan’s parents, and they’re one of our precious places. They hold the computer and offer space for decorations in addition to sustainable living books, paperback mysteries, nature guides, philosophy texts, children’s picture books and more!
Solo hops out of his litter box hole underneath the stairs. He really does use it! It resembles a nesting bird box. The hole is too high so we use the litter bag as a booster step (until we transition to World’s Best Cat Litter for composting).
Ryan almost always enjoys reading or playing video games when he’s not frantically trying to fix the house or working at Ozark Natural Foods. The window seat is a favorite snuggle place!
The table is where we eat and work, whether we’re writing on the laptop, drawing on paper, or planning a project. It’s meant to seat two, and romantic dinners are easily accommodated! Underneath the table is lots of storage, and inside each of two benches are the batteries that store solar energy for our electricity.
There are two walkways in the bed loft to navigate around our full-size pillow top mattress.

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