Wildlife Feeder Tree

Christmas Card 2012_ready_for_mooI drew this with pencil and Crayola markers (the most basic tools you would give any grade school student).  Nothing was fancy, nothing was perfect, it was just fun and I enjoyed creating it from my heart.  The reason I wanted to draw it was because my idea of the ideal tree in the winter is one that feeds and attracts wildlife.  In this case, white-tailed deer, blue jay, cardinal, chickadee, goldfinch, raccoon and a cottontail rabbit.  The blue jay is almost bigger than the raccoon because it’s a baby racoon and maybe a magical blue jay who got big when it ate Alice’s cake.  I don’t really know.  But it’s one happy bird.

This was one of the very first cards I ever designed, and I drew it way before I even started selling greeting cards and prints.  I didn’t have a studio or even a flat surface with a chair that I could use.  I just sat on the wooden indoor bunk bed / loft steps my parents made for me in college, and drew.  (These steps are super cool – they have drawers for the stair part, and cubbies underneath those.)

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