Wonderful Worms: Vermiculture!

Wriggly Worms are going to be part of Ripples!

Thanks to Quinn Montana and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fayetteville – Religious Education Program, I got to learn about vermiculture (or vermicompost) and all about the red wriggler worms that make this process possible.  Check out this week’s issue of Making Ripples in The Free Weekly for details about how you can start your own vermiculture bin at home!

What is Vermicompost / Vermiculture?

You can also learn a lot from YouTube videos.  Many people have posted videos linking aquaponics, organic gardening, composting and vermiculture.  Some of the vermiculture videos made me a bit dizzy, so I chose this one to share with you since the camera is stable and the instructions are similar to what I learned in the workshop:


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