A Homesteader’s Bucket List

Telling the story of a life through a bucket list.

We all have stories to tell from the past, but what about the future?  Today I wanted to share a story of my homesteader future, and unlike Dickens’ ghost of Christmas future, this one will be merry!  Some of these don’t relate necessarily to living on a sustainable homestead, since some of my dreams take me around the world.  But the joy of coming home again is part of travel, too.  

I have a much longer list, most of which hasn’t been written down yet (call it a New Year’s resolution). But it includes feeling confident in the ways I choose to earn income through writing, art, baking and bartering; building a sustainable home, organic garden, and healthy lifestyle; and being content with the loved ones in my life – positive people, reciprocal relationships.

Here are the top 5 items on my bucket list:

  1. See a real live flying squirrel, perhaps sleeping in a nest box I’ll build for it.  Envision the cuteness overload!
  2. Feel the security in knowing that my house will heat itself, cool itself, and not collapse in strong wind or earthquakes. Nothing is a guarantee, but earthbag homes are more resistant to forces of nature than my second-story traditionally built drafty apartment.
  3. Drink water without thinking about the various chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cow poop in it.
  4. Raise like children my carrots, peas, strawberries, blueberries, potatoes, and herbs with attentive, skilled care; unlike children, enjoy eating them and completely understanding where they’re coming from!
  5. Celebrate our wedding anniversary with a romantic eco-tourism trip to a wildlife viewing area.

What’s the story in YOUR bucket list?

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