Alternative Transportation Tips for Summer

Resources for getting around in summer without using a personal vehicle.

This week’s Making Ripples column in the Free Weekly contains alternative or “common sense” transportation tips.  You don’t have to get rid of your car(s) like we did just to use alternative transportation – anytime you want to save money and get healthier, options abound!  Walking and bicycling are great, but here’s a list of things to try if you’re struggling to make it to work, the laundromat, or the grocery store without a personal vehicle:

The Reagans shared their tip of using a Burley Travoy foldable bag that attaches to a bicycle!

The Reagans shared their tip of using a Burley Travoy foldable bag that attaches to a bicycle!

  1. Check your route to ensure it’s the shortest distance. Are there any parks or parking lots you can safely cut across?
  2. If timing or scheduling is an issue when you’re on foot, check into public transportation. It could get you to work a little early for a morning coffee, save money, and give you time to catch up on email or read. Some options now have free Wi-Fi!
  3. If you’re struggling to carry large loads or heavy books, consider your options:

For contact information, maps, routes, and schedules for public transportation, click the following links:

Ozark Regional Transit (Kids ride free all summer! Free Wi-Fi on Route 54) (479) 756-5901

Razorback Transit (FREE bus service year-round; reduced service during summer) (479) 575-RIDE

Green Cab Company for Northwest Arkansas: (479) 966-4111

More information on Alternative Transportation from Ripples:

The Benefits of Carpooling

Car-Free Living a Bumpy Road

Killer Commutes and Healthy Alternatives


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