Celebrate with Organic Blogger Contest Finalist!

Vote for your favorite blog every day through January 31, 2012!

Happy New Year from Ripples!

I’m finally feeling a bit better, well enough to write blog posts anyway.  I’m still eager to share with you what I’m learning about natural candle making, and later this month I’ll be writing about our field trip to see wild eagles right here in Arkansas!

We’ve had a good start this new year towards our sustainable homestead: Ryan is enjoying his new job at Ozark Natural Foods, and Ripples is a finalist in a neat contest hosted by Stonyfield and Organic Valley!  If you vote for your favorite blog with your email address, you have a chance to win awesome organic prizes like a year’s worth of yogurt!  You don’t need to register or purchase anything, just vote daily with your email so they can contact you if you win a prize.

Contest Trivia Tidbits:

  1. How did Ripples get to be one of six finalists? Well, I eat Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt every morning and also am registered for their Stonyfield Rewards program (I’m just 4 points / one 32 oz yogurt away from free socks!).  We eat Organic Valley pepper jack cheese every week in quesadillas.  So I heard about the contest from being aware of these organic companies, and one random fun-filled night, decided to enter.
  2. What did you do to enter the contest? I thought my chances of winning this huge contest with a blog that just barely had been around 2 months (the minimum requirement) were pretty slim.  But, like I said, we love these products and I was searching for a way to practice writing.  Humorously, I submitted this essay (now featured on their website) as a fun writing exercise and way of expressing my holiday feelings about living an organic life, dreaming of our homestead-to-be. It’s a letter to Santa. You should have a laugh and read it.
  3. What will you win, if you win? Actually, I don’t remember entirely – I mean I read the rules and am really excited about a year’s worth of organic yogurt and cheese, but I’m even more excited about what I’ve already won.  Besides a really cool prize package (including a Stonyfield cook book!) I can’t wait to get to know these other finalists and read their blogs.  I feel connected to something bigger now, and am honored that Ripples is getting more readership.  Being a finalist has made me take this blog more seriously and we have cleaned up the appearance quite a bit.  We’re also serious about switching to 100% alternative energy!

It would be nice to win but I’ve heard these other women REALLY want to win, so I’m asking you to honestly vote for the blog you like best every day until January 31st, 2012. Thanks!

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