Fictional Eco Homes Inspire us to Build an Earthbag Home

Classic homes from literature and film that inspired our earthbag home design.

Today I wanted to have some fun sharing with you the various homes that inspired us to choose to build our house from scratch, using earthbags.  The design we eventually chose is discussed here and here, although we’re still debating the financial feasibility of the rooftop room.  This is a photo journey of that inspiration, from children’s books to popular movies.  Enjoy!

The Berenstein Bear’s treehouse. There are many styles of treehouses, including real-world ones, which have been inspirational to us in thinking of our home as a living tree.

The hobbit house from Lord of the Rings. We’ve been inspired by it’s round shape, including the doors and windows, and earth-berm walls.

Owl’s house from Winnie-the-Pooh. We also like Piglet’s house, and the idea for a rooftop balcony or reading room excited us.

From the Secret World of Arrietty comes a house we adore, bursting with life and creative engineering in miniature. Our house will certainly be modeled after this one!

Snow White’s discovery of the Seven Dwarf’s cottage was like my discovery of home. With a little bridge and plenty of wildlife, this is the woodland home I’m looking for.

The Swiss Family Robinson treehouse illustrates exactly what we’re trying to achieve in terms of functional design and minimal use of resources like electricity. That outdoor kitchen is pretty sweet!

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