Field Trip! Exploring Arkansas Homes and Land

Come along on the Ripples’ bus and join us (virtually) for some field trips!

Allen Residence - IFPL Eco-Home Tour

We’ve visited about 17 different sites so far in the past 4 months.  Ranging from homes, gardens, wilderness areas, and farms, these places of inspiration have taught us a lot about what we should do while living off-grid – and how to get there.

From time to time, I’ll be featuring some of these site visits on Ripples so you can tag along and learn with us.  Many wonderful people – you know who you are! – have opened their homes to us so we can learn from their experiences.  If you would like Ripples to feature your home or land, feel free to contact us at:

Don’t be embarrassed – we won’t take pictures of how messy your house is!  And if you know something about baking soda, or deer, or cilantro, or solar panels, or anything relevant to living a sustainable lifestyle in general, then your expertise is very valuable to us.  I have a lot to learn. We’d also appreciate fact-checkers: please correct us or share your opinion if someone has told us a fact or strategy you feel is in error.

A few facts from past field trips:

  • crushed limestone is a natural dehumidifier, wicks moisture out of house – but not eco-friendly
  • terrace gardening is beautiful, and helps prevent erosion on a slope
  • the perfect arch is the same width as height
  • alfalfa is a soil builder, it has deep roots
  • Energy Star appliances aren’t necessarily the most efficient option available
  • bats eat wasps, and wasps can live in clothesline poles
  • baking soda puts out grease fires and cleans countertop stains
  • evergreens on north side of a house block winter wind, deciduous trees on south side let in winter sunlight

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