Living in a Giant Burrito (Airstream Trailer)

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Someday, we may be living temporarily in what looks like a giant foil-wrapped burrito.  I love burritoes and think it would be awesome to live in a replica of one; probably most days I will crave burritoes and Chipotle will get even more of our business than they already are.  

Mysterious Chipotle Envelope

Chipotle has given Ryan a secret envelope to take a journey only given to 20 customers per store location, so that he can learn about the mysterious workings of Chipotle’s local food practices (he’ll be writing a post on that soon!) as they try to redefine the fast food industry into something sustainable.  I’m eager to see what he’s learning! Meanwhile, I’m trying to envision what living in a giant burrito would be like.

We’re leaning towards trailer life because it would greatly save on rent while simultaneously allowing us to learn about the land, weather, wildlife, building site, etc. This experience is recommended by professional, earth-minded builders because in order to build a passive solar house, you need to know where the sunlight shines year-round.  There are other factors too, like spring flood waters or late summer drought zones, which could affect our ability to grow food.

Buying land could be a major in college, it’s so complicated when you’re in it to really protect the land and live symbiotically with it. It isn’t as simple as picking a good building site on a beautiful patch of property. But the challenge is not just intellectual – we’ve been finding great joy in feeling more connected to nature.  It’s worth it.


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Ooh! Can’t wait for the next post about the mysterious envelope!


Hehe, we’re building the suspense! I’ll aim to get this post out tomorrow night. The contents, and what they unveil, is actually really cool!

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