Minimalist Wardrobe in Pictures

I’m keeping my 8th grade graduation dress that I can still wear! (photos from 1999 and 2015)

A stamp shirt I made in high school, featuring iron-on stamp images generated from real stamps of letters I’d received throughout my life.

Here’s a photographic journey through my shrinking wardrobe, which needs to fit into our future tiny house’s tiny closet space someday. If there is a definition of “minimalist wardrobe,” I don’t believe I’d meet the requirements. I feel like I’m still going to need to donate another chunk of some of these items, but I’m at a pretty good spot because I’ve spent years optimizing my wardrobe for functionality and values, prioritizing fair trade, organic, or local clothing options. And pockets.

Some of the clothing places I’ve supported include Pack Rat Outdoor Center, Good Things Boutique, Fayettechill, World Treasures and the Himalayan Mountain Shop. (This is not a sponsored post.) So if you’re looking for ideas, there’s lots of ethical options to be found in Fayetteville Arkansas! But I’ve also purchased fair trade and organic clothing online from Blue Canoe, Fair Indigo, and PACT Organic.

Not everything I own is practical. There are also nostalgic items in my wardrobe, including 2 shirts from high school (which shouldn’t be worn or they’ll degrade further). And a few shirts I wear just to be identified as a volunteer for particular organizations: AmeriCorps*VISTA, NWA Land Trust, NWA Master Naturalists, and Hablantes Unidos, a group I volunteered with during college at Truman State University in Missouri.

But mostly, I have a practical wardrobe meant for casual and outdoor wear. Not every item was photographed, such as underwear, socks, and coats. I’d actually like to do another wardrobe blog post in a year and try to get every item I own into ONE photo, including shoes! But it’s not a contest. My goal is to simply have enough, and to be able to fit everything I need into the tiny house. Whatever your own wardrobe goals are, I hope you reach them!

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