Organic Gardening 101: Dig In! Food & Farming Festival

Photos from the 2013 Dig In! Food & Farming Festival in Fayetteville.

Yes…this is a very late post.  I apologize.  The 2013 Dig In! Festival was, like, over a month ago. But ya know, life happens.  And I still wanted to share with you what I had learned about basic organic gardening, composting, and medicinal herbs.  I also wanted to hesitantly suggest you visit Ripples Resources, which is an ever-growing space containing not only the knowledge we’re gaining in our off-grid journey, but hopefully the knowledge YOU have to share with others who might benefit from your experiences. 

To read my notes from the session on Organic Gardening 101 at the Festival, visit Ripples Resources: Food & Farming.  Our Food & Farming page is still quite under-developed, as I have not had time to transfer what I’ve been learning to this page.  Perhaps you’d like to share what you’re growing in your garden, or anything you’ve learned about flowers, vegetables, and fruits?  Every gardener needs to know how to keep pests away, too.  It’s easy to share in Ripples Resources – it’s a Wiki, just like Wikipedia, so anyone should be able to publicly edit the pages.  Ryan created a tutorial here if you want a step-by-step introduction, and someday we’d like to make a video introduction to make this process even easier.

Every Wiki page on Ripples’ Resources also allows for discussion, so you can ask questions, post answers to someone else’s question, or talk about how much you love bunnies – anything relevant to the topic on that page.  We have a long way to go before this Wiki will help people learn about sustainable living, but why not visit our Wildlife page?  It’s the most developed of all our current pages.  Thanks for reading! And be sure to catch next year’s Dig In! Food & Farming Festival.

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