Peacevine Cherry Tomatoes

In June, we planted Certified Naturally Grown end-of-season plant starts generously donated by Roots in Bloom Farm - thanks y'all! They're off-grid, too, so check 'um out.

Amanda hugs tomato plant.

We have 3 veggies growing: basil, bell pepper, and tomato. This blog post is dedicated to our Peacevine Cherry Tomato, an indeterminate variety. We learned that indeterminate means two things: it'll produce tomatoes gradually instead of all at once, and that pots or containers were not its favored habitat. Oops. That's because these tomato plants like to compete with skyscrapers to see who can grow taller, and it certainly grew taller than Amanda at almost 6 feet! We had to prune it. Amanda hugged it to be sure it still felt loved.

Ryan plants container veggies in June.

Apparently it's happy, because it's producing dozens of new tomatoes, and on August 2nd, the first cherry tomato was harvested. Ripe, round, red and succulent, its flavor was sweet. It tasted like memories of summer. Eaten right off the vine, without worry of pesticides because we grew it organically. It was astonishingly easy, too. Just remove the cute caterpillars, and pinch off the "suckers" that grow in between branches so the plant will focus on fruits and not on more branches. We suggest giving it morning and evening company, just for fun, to smell it, tend it, and be sure it's doing fine. The 42 inch tomato cage we used (the largest we could find) was a bit of a joke to this plant. That, and the small pot size of 10 gallons. But it seems healthy and thriving!


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