Quest for a Homestead: What Land?

The first step to buying land is knowing what you want.

Winter Views

But when everything seems great and you’re just trying to live sustainably, it’s a bit harder to be picky.  “Sure, I guess that tree is good for protecting,” “Yeah I suppose this big empty lot would need protection,” “Oh, of course, we could protect this rocky  hillside.”  And yes, we dream of having a spring on the land, but I worry it will cost half a million dollars for such land.  And a view? Priceless.

Did you notice the birdhouse? I can’t wait to be able to put up birdhouses and nest boxes and hummingbird feeders!

But lately, despite looking at properties online, I am just home-hugging. Today I sat on the windowseat in our apartment, enjoying our last week here.  Drinking some fair trade tea, I reflected on just how “city girl” I was.  Yep, I like cushions and comforts.  It’s never made me deeply happy, but I’m accustomed to pavement and sidewalk, to bridges, restaurants and book shops.  Moving will be a huge experience for me because our location will be closer to trees than sushi. I will miss being one block away from a delicious burrito, and being able to easily walk through the rain or snow to get a hot chocolate and watch the birds at Nightbird Books.

I’m going to try and be away from the computer as much as possible this last week in the apartment, so I can soak up this location, the nice weather,  and the privacy we have in our little space.  Eventually, I’ll come to realize that the noise of cars is not worth the proximity to french fries.  When we’re settled into our new home, and I get to see a fox or owl for the first time outside of a book or movie, I will hunger for being indoors much less.

Here is a photo of the box I found for storing cool things I find in nature! 🙂

Nature Treasure Box

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