Sustainable Spring Dates for Earth Day

Carbon-neutral date ideas for twitter-pated folks in springtime.

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Ryan & I try to live every aspect of our lives as sustainably as possible, and that includes date night.  For last night’s date, we had a picnic in the Walton Arts Center Rose Garden, and listened to the Fayetteville Public Library’s event, Caravanserai: Fes Orchestra, celebrating the culture of Morocco!  Listen to their music here.  We’ve got plenty of other date ideas that are eco-friendly for Earth Day weekend – why not get outside and enjoy spring like Bambi and his friends are sure to be doing right now?  Here’s our list of the best sustainable dates in Fayetteville:

  1. Dinner at Greenhouse Grille. We typically order their quinoa dishes.
  2. Riding the Bike Trail. We often look for bunnies on our ride.
  3. Walking at Wilson Park. Any park is great for a stroll hand-in-hand!
  4. Playing Pooh Sticks. Find a bridge, some sticks, and it’s a simple activity to do while talking.
  5. Exploring the Woods. We look for in-town woody spots, and find bird’s nests!
  6. Homemade Dinner with Candles. We usually cook organic, gluten-free spaghetti for dates.
  7. Game Nights! We sprawl out on the bedspread and play Zip-It or Scrabble.

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