Sustainably Harvested Cork Flooring

I love these cork oak trees!

The latest issue of The Free Weekly is out today, so grab a copy and check out what we’ve learned about sustainable flooring options.  We decided on cork for our earthbag home, but as always, research and exposure to new information could change our minds over time.

In Portugal, cork oak trees are harvested every nine years, helping to protect the man-made forests with profits from the sale of corks and cork flooring, employing about 60,000 workers, and sustaining habitat for native species.  How cool a floor is that, which can do all those things?  Here’s a video about harvesting cork from trees without harming them!

“…the environmental issues, the social issues, and the economic issues are in good balance, and it all starts with harvesting the cork itself.” – Carlos de Jesus, Director of Marketing, APCOR

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Jennifer Reynolds

I have been searching some quality and well specified video about Cork. Finally I got it from you. Thanks for sharing such a nice and very informative post.

Amanda Bancroft

You’re very welcome, Jennifer! That’s what Ripples is here for. Thank you for reading and aspiring to use sustainable flooring!

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