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March 28, 2021

This week is the last time the “Making Ripples” newspaper column will be printed. If you found our website from the online or print newspaper, welcome! Ryan & I hope to start regularly blogging again about our journey to try and help people and our planet with our day-to-day life (such as living off-grid in a tiny house). Ripples blog probably won’t be weekly, but somewhat consistently as we share new adventures. I do briefly share photos and updates frequently on our Ripples Facebook page.

This lifestyle takes a lot of effort and time, although it’s very fulfilling and filled with love and giggles. Today, for example, I’ve been trying to find time just to write these paragraphs, but the spring pollen clogged our water inlet so we had to clear the water line TWICE, clean the leaf eater under our downspout, and replace one of several filters under our kitchen sink. We’re also prepping for a retaining wall project to stop erosion. I had a Ripples Greeting Card order to fill as well as a migraine this evening…so, you know, we’ll try to blog as often as we can, but no promises. We’d love to hear from you and learn about what you’re doing to live sustainable, loving lives! Or your dreams about what you might do in the future. Where we are today was only a dream for us ten years ago.

Thank you so much for reading “Making Ripples” and our blog! You can opt to receive an email once we create new content here (er, once Ryan has time to fix the email feature haha!) -Amanda

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Lou Anne Tanneberger

Will miss your weekly newspaper column….but now have followed you on facebook. This will allow me to continue to enjoy your adventures! Do let me know once your blog connects to email. Thanks in advance.

Lou Anne Tanneberger

Hi Amanda…..am now receiving your blog again. Woo-hoo!! I will continue to follow your adventures. Stay cool during these super-hot temps.

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