Field Trip to Green Fork Farm

Get your chicks from Green Fork Farm!

Green Fork Farm


I know there are many admirable farms within our communities in Northwest Arkansas, but this year something special is happening at Green Fork Farm! Families are able to rent baby chicks for two weeks, all materials included, in order to experience the fun and challenge of learning to raise chickens.   Cheri LaRue, the farmer of Green Fork Farm, gives each family the support and materials needed to successfully care for these chicks.

A 2-week Rental ($25.00) includes:

  • One pair of baby chicks
  • Brooder box and thermometer
  • Shavings
  • Feeder and feed
  • Waterer
  • Health supplements
  • Instructions on handling and care of baby chicks

Find out more about this opportunity HERE and plan to participate next spring! It’s really fun!

Spring veggies.

The chick brooder.

It was also fun to tour the farm with Cheri.  She keeps pigs, cows, heifers, chickens, and grows vegetables on just a few acres in Farmington, Arkansas.  Some of the produce grown includes carrots, greens, onions, garlic, potatoes, scallions, and more.  I got to pet the pigs, whose hair is quite rough to protect them – it felt like a scrub brush! And we visited with the cows, who have tongues sharper than a cat’s (they licked me 🙂 ).  Chickens were running all around the property eating insects and scratching the ground, softly clucking.  I love the sound of chickens and chicks (except maybe the shriek of the black sex-link when I try to pick it up – see the post Baby Chicks).  Chickens are soothing and it just feels right to have them strutting around, making us laugh and smile.

Thank you Green Fork Farm and Cheri for sharing with us the wonder of a farm in springtime!

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