Introducing “People Making Ripples”!

See how your neighbors & friends are making ripples in their community, and share what you’re doing!

Dan Dean and Laura Kelly  at Windberry Farm

Dan Dean and Laura Kelly at Windberry Farm

Ripples’ sustainability column in The Free Weekly, “Making Ripples”, has just added a new feature today: “People Making Ripples”.  We’ll be interviewing and featuring local residents doing something large or small to make their lives more sustainable.  This will accompany the usual Making Ripples column as a photo series, replacing some of the stock photos that would have otherwise been used in that space.  People Making Ripples isn’t a series of blog posts, but will appear exclusively in The Free Weekly, so go get yourself a copy and meet people making ripples in our community today!

My apologies that the column’s references to people being featured in People Making Ripples is off by a week in each case; it was intended to begin last week, but space limitations made it impossible to fit into last week’s issue, I was told.  So instead we’re beginning this week with Alena DeGrado, and next week we’ll be featuring the work of Brad Volz.  If you know of someone doing something sustainable, or would like to share what you’re doing, submit your photos and a brief description to:

Now go make some ripples!

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